From an early age, we develop attitudes to many things in our lives. Some of our attitudes are positive, some are negative, some are somewhere in between. But what do our attitudes have to do with leadership?

Our own attitude determines how we react and behave. The way we act sends signals to the people around us. In this way we influence them. We are responsible for our attitudes, especially when we are in a leadership position. Our attitude not only affects others, but it also affects ourselves – our mood, our motivation, what we do with our lives. It affects how we feel. The development of attitudes is an essential, and in many cases crucial, aspect of general leadership.

Have you ever been in a situation where you find you are not behaving consistently in regards to your attitudes? When this happens, it can cause tensions to arise, and we can feel stress within us. We can be persuaded to act or behave contrary to our attitudes, and this can subsequently create conflicts. How does such a scenario affect your work? How does such a scenario affect your team? How much of an effect does such a scenario have on your family and life?

A good thing to know though is that attitudes are acquired and that it is also entirely possible to change them, as long as you want to. For those looking to become a better and more skilful leader then this can be as good as any place to start.

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How does your attitude measure up?