Last week when we wrote about company visions, we mentioned how for some it is easy to get confused between goals, missions, visions and dreams etc..

Even though we may not know it, most of us work with goals to a larger or lesser degree. Some goals are simple to achieve while some are more challenging and complex. A goal might be as simple as making sure you leave work by 17.00 today, or as complex as becoming the fastest man on the planet over 100 meters at the next Olympics. It could be making sure you reply to all your emails before lunch, or becoming the number one salesperson in your company for the month. Putting it simply, it doesn’t matter what the goal is, just as long as it is important enough for you to want to achieve it.

For those of you who have never really worked with goals (and even to those who are old hands at it), why not set yourself a goal to achieve here and now? It’s as easy as answering the following 5 questions.

1) What goal do you want to achieve?

2) When do you want to accomplish this goal by?

3) Why is this goal important to you and what will the consequence of not achieving it be?

4) What might stop you from reaching your goal and what can you do to prevent this from happening?

5) When you have reached your goal, how will you celebrate your achievement?

Every day, the individuals taking our leadership programmes are sharing their goals with us. We love helping you to help yourself set and reach goals just as much as we love the moment when we watch you celebrate achieving them. So whether your goal is to be the next Usain Bolt or to be home in time to take your child to swim school, feel free to share your goal with us at info@thinkdoandgrow.com or in the comments section below.

Setting goals